New Clay Chastain Petition For Kansas City Promises ONE BILLION DOLLARS

Here's the latest plan from Kansas City's most prolific petitioner. 

He's working to save the planet and bring home the bacon.

Check-it . . .

Clay Chastain's new blockbuster vision (petition slated for the November 2022 KCMO ballot ) is designed to turn Kansas City around by transforming it into America's most exciting, clean and livable city.

Large cities, like Kansas City, are on the brink due to high crime, mismanagement, Covid concerns and too much asphalt jungle. Kansas City's only hope of escaping this impending doom is to redesign itself into a far more healthy, low-cost and attractive place to live, do business and visit. To accomplish this requires a BIG Plan that will modify Kansas City's car-oriented infrastructure into a more transit / biking / pedestrian-oriented one with plenty of usable open green space. 

Residents will appreciate more environmentally-friendly, safe and convenient options in which to move about our City in getting to major destinations.  Everyone, including tourists visiting our City, will fall in love with the Airport to Union Station Monorail (55mph - with limited stops) and the Downtown Aerial Gondola ('Skycruiser"). Troost Avenue will no longer be a symbol of blight and racial divide, but a new green and blossoming revitalization corridor that unites the City in spirit and progress. Union Station will finally achieve its highest and best reuse as a Regional Multimodal Transportation Center. And, Kansas City's outdated diesel bus system will be replaced with an All-Electric Bus Fleet.  The petition initiative combines beauty with utility and innovation to achieve success!

What's more, Congress recently allocated $55 billion (in its new Infrastructure bill) for transit improvements. If the petition is approved by voters, our City would have an excellent opportunity to secure over $1.0 billion (of those available federal funds) to help build Kansas City's new "GEM" (Greenway / Electric Bus / Monorail) Transportation System.  A new quick / quiet / clean citywide transportation system will be Kansas City's new selling point. And, unlike other previous City-sponsored transit proposals, this transportation improvement initiative will be placed before Citywide voters by Citywide registered voters. Relief has been long in coming for Kansas City. But, "All's well that ends well". Let's get her done, Kansas City!

Clay Chastain


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