Upcoming American 'No Fly' List Threatens New KCI Future

New KCI was built for a bygone era when air travel was far more easy breezy and accessible to the public.

Now . . . 


Think about it . . .

Even after the attacks of 9/11 . . . Hopping on a plane was much easier than catching a bus.

Now, the rise of COVID has sparked more restrictions and what feels/seems like an effort by government and big business to limit "freedom of movement" by the plebs.

The bottom line . . .

Flying commercial airlines is becoming increasingly costly, cumbersome and restrictive. This threatens to limit the number of "business travelers" given that most meetings can likely be taken care by way of teleconference or e-mail. 

Here's a peek at the latest nightmare . . .

In a letter last week to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastien formally asked the Department of Justice to create a federal no-fly list.

The request comes amid thousands of unruly passenger incidents during the Covid-19 pandemic. By September 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had received 4,385 reports of unruly passengers so far in the year, about three-quarters of which involved travelers who refused to comply with a federal mask mandate on board.

For its part, Delta has put nearly 1,900 people on its own “no-fly” list for refusing to comply with masking requirements and has submitted more than 900 banned names to the TSA to pursue civil penalties.

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Delta CEO Asks Merrick Garland To Create A Federal No-Fly List

E very airline keeps its own list of passengers non gratae for those whose behavior was so egregious that they are no longer welcome to fly with that carrier. Traditionally, airlines have always kept their no-fly lists for internal use only, meaning that a passenger who was banned on, say, United Airlines, could simply book their future travels on Delta, American, JetBlue or Southwest.

Big picture in the not so friendly skies . . .

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Delta proposes national 'no-fly' list for combative passengers

Delta Air Lines is urging the Biden administration to create a national "no-fly" list for combative passengers as airlines grapple with unruly guests who defy COVID-19 protocols and harass flight crews.

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