Miserable 'Washington Commanders' Rebrand Helps Kansas City Chiefs

Sorry, but a name change for the Kansas City Chiefs is inevitable and it's going to happen no matter how many painfully middle-class people pour out their feelings in public.

Again: The change is dictated by global advertising brands with BILLION DOLLAR BUDGETS, not the rubes throwing away their salary every week at Arrowhead.

However, there's good news here . . .


Football fans are justifiably clowning the silly moniker and it's a pleasantly surprising reminder that the people who run things ALSO don't know what they're doing.

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Washington Football Team reveals new name

Washington's team unveiled its new name on Wednesday, 18 months after retiring their previous one over mounting pressure that the name and logo - established in the 1930s - had racist connotations. Welcome, the Washington Commanders . JOE THEISMANN LIKELY REVEALED WFT'S NAME BY MISTAKE The team released the name early Wednesday morning.

NFL Fans React to Washington New Football Team Name

The NFL franchise in the nation's capital finally has a new nickname after more than a year without a permanent title. In 2022 and beyond, the team will be known as the Commanders. Washington officially revealed its new team name Wednesday morning, bringing an end to a 20-month process that unfolded after the organization opted to drop its previous moniker.

The Washington Football Team officially changed its name to 'Commanders' and fans are still not here for it

I'm telling you, man. There was something about that Washington Football Team name. But here's the thing: No name was going to be perfect. The team had been called something else for their entire existence. Switching was always going to be a letdown - regardless of how bad the new name is.

Does the Washington Commanders logo include the wrong years for Super Bowl wins?

The rollout for the Washington Commanders could have gone better. The name was leaked early both when the team transferred the domain URL for its website to the NFL's primary domain host, and a helicopter reporter spotted the new name within the walls of FedEx Field.

The New Washington Football Team Name Is Appropriately Boring

The Washington Football Team announced on the Today show Wednesday morning (and in a requisite inspirational video) that it would henceforth be known as the Washington Commanders. One legacy. One unified future.

You decide . . .