Mayor Q Backs Legal Sports Betting

Today Kansas City's 12th & Oak boss offers a bit of support to allies in Jeff City trying to advance legislation that should have been easier to pass given Missouri's longtime gambling history. 

Think about it . . . Most of Mark Twain's fiction is filled with stories of riverboat vice . . . Like it or not, those long-ago days might be the pinnacle of Missouri culture which has recently devolved into roadside strip clubs, firework stands & rustic stores where travelers can pick up walnut bowls. 

Accordingly . . . 

Mayor Q deserves credit for backing an issue which would GREATLY BENEFIT Kansas City's economy and free up a few nice houses when even more gambling addicts go bankrupt.

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Clearly, the tweet sparked a great deal of conversation which mostly focused on support for weed before betting and/or concern about infrastructure.

To be fair . . . It's likely that most plebs wouldn't really profit with anything more than a few jobs for entry level workers and enduring an even greater quotient of human misery. Meanwhile, politicos and developers would garner MILLIONS worth of cash to gamble "invest" locally. /p>

Perspective . . .

"Missouri lawmakers have been struggling for four years to move a sports betting bill while neighbors Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Tennessee have all legalized wagering, though it’s not live yet in Nebraska. Illinois, Iowa, and Tennessee all allow for statewide mobile wagering, and Missouri lawmakers have said they are aware that state residents cross the border to bet."

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Missouri Committee Declines to Discuss, Vote On Sports Betting Bills

Missouri's Select Committee on Public Policy declined Monday to discuss or vote on a pair of sports betting bills backed by casinos and professional sports teams. The bills, HB 2502 and HB 2556, were crafted with heavy input from major stakeholders and were on the agenda for discussion and, potentially, a vote, before committee Chairman Scott Cupps opened the meeting by saying the committee would not discuss the bills.

Analysis: Sports betting could generate $15 million in tax revenue in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY - Legalized sports betting could generate more than $15 million in tax revenue for Missouri, according to a new legislative analysis. Under a proposal that will be discussed in a House committee Tuesday, the analysis of House Bill 1666 shows potential income that would go toward schools in the state ranging from $7.8 million to $15.3 million.

Lawmakers pushing to legalize sports betting in Missouri

ST. LOUIS - There is a new push to allow sports betting in Missouri. More than 30 states have it, including Illinois, which ranks third in dollars bet, behind only Nevada and New Jersey. It's becoming a Sunday ritual for gamblers in Missouri: a road trip across the Mississippi River into Illinois to get their bets in before kickoff.

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