Mahomes Claps Back At Twitter Haterz: 'Man, People Are Weird"

Recently, the Kansas City Chiefs QB pushed back against social media denizens dissecting his every move in public.

Apparently, his shifting his arm at a b-ball game inspired online trolls to DECONSTRUCT the drama as if they were Jacques Derrida offering a pointed critique of a structuralist dissertation . . . Only stupider.

Here's an overview of the drama that only serves to power the pro-sports industrial complex that's really just a corporate marketing scheme supported by a vast array of rigged games . . .

The cameras panned to the longtime couple, with the footage naturally making its way onto the internet.

Brittany Matthews, who has been a recent target of criticism, became a talking point on Twitter amongst some fans who tried to read into their interaction, which included Mahomes taking his arm away from her shoulder and her looking annoyed. The quarterback appeared to respond to the online commentary.

“Man people are weird… love you babe,” Mahomes tweeted, tagging Matthews’ Twitter handle, to which she replied, “I love you.”

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Patrick Mahomes responds to 'weird' Brittany Matthews criticism after date video

Patrick Mahomes has fiancée Brittany Matthews ' back. On Wednesday, the Chiefs quarterback watched his alma mater, Texas Tech, defeat Baylor during a casual date night with Matthews. During the game, the cameras panned to the longtime couple, with the footage naturally making its way onto the internet.

(VIDEO) Patrick Mahomes Needs An Intervention

Listen I know this gets talked about all the time and I don't want to sit here and pile on but it's legitimately tragic what's happening to Patrick Mahomes. Just straight up getting an earful courtside probably same night they're renaming half the campus after him.

Patrick Mahomes Defends Fiancée After More Internet Criticism

Patrick Mahomes slammed Internet trolls as "weird" on Wednesday ... after they, once again, criticized his fiancée following an interaction the two had at a college basketball game. Mahomes and Brittany Matthews were courtside at the Texas Tech men's hoops contest against Baylor in Lubbock, when cameras captured the NFL star leaning over to tell his fiancee something in her ear.

You decide . . .