Kietzman Calls Trudeau Canada's Dictator

Conservatives are lashing out against the leader of the Great White North. 

Moreover, there's a very real fear the crackdowns on demonstrations will take hold on this side of the world's largest border.

Here's a local talker sharing his hot take . . .

"Justin Trudeau has pretty much said the to the world that he's now a dictator as he's imposed Emergency Powers against truckers... emergency powers designed to catch terrorists."

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Trudeau vows to freeze anti-mandate protesters' bank accounts

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken the unprecedented step of invoking the Emergencies Act to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protests. Mr Trudeau said the scope of the measures would be "time-limited", "reasonable and proportionate" and would not see the military deployed.

Canada: Opposition heckles Trudeau in Parliament after invoking emergency powers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced heckling in the House of Commons after he invoked the rarely used emergency powers against the ongoing truckers protests. It is only the second time Canadian history that such powers have been invoked in peace time.

Trudeau's power grab is unconstitutional | Opinion

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would be invoking the Emergencies Act, giving him broad emergency powers to quash a nonviolent protest of truckers opposing vaccine mandates. It is only the second time the Canadian government has ever given itself such powers in peacetime.

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There are few things as freeing as an emergency. There are also few things as dangerous as an emergency. For two years now, to varying degrees the people of the United States and Canada have been living under emergency rules.

Freedom Convoy truckers remain defiant in face of Trudeau's measures

As of Tuesday, Ottawa remained occupied by the Freedom Convoy truckers who refuse to back down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the country's Emergencies Act on Monday afternoon Under the act, the government introduced measures intended to cut off protesters' funding, increase police powers and force towing companies to drag away the 400 rigs clogging streets near the Parliament Buildings Harold Jonker, who led the first convoy of truckers into the Canadian capital, defiantly declared to 'I am not worried about it' 'Whatever he throws at us we can handle.

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