Kevin Kietzman Proclaims: Eric Bieniemy Should Be Happy With Less

More than anything else, we believe KK is a virtuoso of the local discourse because he has achieved a near encyclopedic insight into the lizard brain of suburban middle-aged white dudes. 

His adroit analysis will offer your dad, grandpa and a vast array of cowtown middle-managers a way to endorse the status quo without seeming too backward.

Here's an ingenious passage which indulges in the defeat of a local pro-sports celebrity:

"Eric Bieniemy did not get hired by the Saints, they hired their own guy that clearly has earned the job.  But that's 15 teams now that have said no thanks to the Chiefs OC.  The Rooney rule has created a situation where this man is being used.  He's clearly not a head coach and is it a racist thing to ascend to OC and make millions?"


Never mind that it's every American's right to pursue fame, riches and career advancement which drastically outpace our level of skill, achievement and qualifications.

It's even better if your dad somebody can just give it to you without having to chase the prize too hard. Just ask George W. Bush. 

Nevertheless . . . 

KK shares good stuff that not only revels in the humiliation of a hometown hero but also subtly attacks corporate "diversity" efforts with a condescending and insightful twist. 

Again, for our suburbanite friends who haven't found much humor in life's inevitable disappointments, this is grandiloquent GOLD

Take a listen via news embed . . .

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