Kansas Department Of Labor Confronts Continued COVID FAIL

One of the scariest signs of the social safety net crumbling during crisis was the hardship endured by so many Kansas residents in getting back some of the cash they had payed into the system.

Here's a peek at persistent problems at this late stage of the pandemic . . .

Democrats and Republicans have fought for the past two years over who's to blame for backlogs and slow service at the labor department.

A recent audit showed the labor department had $700 million in fraudulent payments during the pandemic.

Gov. Laura Kelly's administration has said that figure could be less. The governor has urged and fought for a labor department modernization project she has said former Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's administration failed to implement.

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People still navigating Kansas Labor Department to get pandemic unemployment payments

Susan Davies tried to accomplish every task the Kansas Department of Labor gave her during her unemployment journey over the past six months. Still, she could not get paid thousands of dollars the state owed her since filing for unemployment last year.The department had flagged her account for fraud.