Kansas City Worker Rage Against Starbucks Explained

For what it's worth . . . At one point, locals far away from the service industry mistakenly believed that Starbucks was one of the better gigs amongst quick service restaurants. 

Union push back contradicts that perception and offers another look at lower wage workers fighting for more money and rights. 

Sadly, there's often a reactionary resistance to workers organizing.

We share this headline for context and the raw data is actually a bit more informative than the polite morning conversation from local talkers . . . 

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson's total compensation rose 39% in 2021 to $20.4 million

Accordingly . . . 

Workers pushing for more cash is fair game.

Here's a bit more about their story . . .

"Workers at two Starbucks Coffee shops in the Kansas City area announced plans this week to unionize, citing unsafe working conditions and stagnant wages. Their efforts come after a New York store made history by forming Starbucks' first ever U.S. union at the end of 2021."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Unionizing the Kansas City Starbucks

The workforces at 54 Starbucks stores in 19 states announced plans to unionize, including shops in Overland Park and on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. On KCUR's Up To Date, host Steve Kraske spoke with Emma Baldridge and Josh Crowell, employees at the stores, about the campaigns.