Kansas City Waits In Vain For Snowplows Whilst Suffering Tech Hype

For the record, the city hall snow plow tracking page isn't new tech . . . It's more than a decade old and this morning it's not that impressive.

Check the Kansas City snow plow map. 

Fun fact, this GPS tracking tech was popularized by former Mayor Mark Funkhouser who allowed his wife to destroy his fledgling political career in one of the funniest public implosions this town has ever witnessed.  

But I digress . . .

Sadly, checking tech isn't as relaxing as looking out of the window longingly but, double bonus, refreshing a computer screen won't provide any false sense of hope or quietude.

Also . . .

Today, diving into tech is just as effective as rereading Samuel Beckett's nihilistic classic Waiting for Gadot. It's worth another look and, at the very least, offers a bit of artistry rather than the same old hype tweets from the Mayor.

Another great work of fiction . . .

The KCMO snow removal process web page.

Either way, if you're reading this it's likely you're not going outside this morning. 

And for those who brave garbage local streets . . .

Good luck.