We don't usually feature foodie links without making fun.

However, this local offering looks delicious during this noon hour AND reminds us that locals are going to have to get creative in order to lure back customers. 

Check the savory description . . .

Starting February 10, Buck Tui BBQ is offering a limited menu for carryout and curbside while construction of the full restaurant wraps up.

“We’re presenting a real barbecue restaurant that rings true to the traditional Kansas City style of cooking over an open flame and rotisserie pit,” says Ted Liberda. “It has all the flavors and textures you’d expect, but with the additional flavors and balance that Thai cuisine is known for. We’re paying attention to detail and sourcing local ingredients.”

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Buck Tui BBQ opens for curbside and carryout - In Kansas City

Imagine this: you've just grabbed dinner from Buck Tui BBQ, Kansas City's newest barbecue joint. Your plate is brimming with smoked brisket swimming in a tangy, sweet barbecue sauce. You may be expecting to see a side of cheesy corn or barbecue beans, but not this time.