Kansas City Sunday Night: Los Angeles Resurrected Amid War Games

For late night local denizens we offer a few news tidbits . . .

First and foremost, tonight downtown is hearing shot gun blasts and EPIC fireworks echo through downtown because Westside po'folk love to party. 

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Let's Get To Know Kansas City's New Lockdown Lady

HEART OF THE MATTER: Meet KCMO's new health director

Dr. Marvia Jones discusses public health plans, challenges in KC

Outcry After Tragedy

Son of man killed in hit-and-run crash speaks out

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Donald cook remembers his father, "Donald Bellamy" as a gentle and kind soul. "My dad is the type of person that would do anything for anybody, a totally stranger. You know, my dad will give that person his last dollar," Cook said.

Midtown Remains Dangerous

Eight weeks since deadly Westport crash, police still investigating

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Wednesday marks eight weeks since the deadly crash involving a Kansas City, Missouri, fire truck and an SUV in Westport. Initially, Kansas City, Missouri, Police investigators said crashes like this one usually take six to eight weeks to investigate.

Panties Always Power Profits

Victoria's Secret Is Starting to Gain Traction | The Motley Fool

The big news for ( Victoria's Secret NYSE:VSCO) in 2021 was that it became a separate company in August, having been spun off from L Brands, now known as Bath & Body Works. That said, for long-term investors, the bigger story might be a short news release Victoria's Secret issued in December 2021.

Los Angeles Stays Winning

Super Bowl 2022 final score, results: Rams win first Super Bowl since 1999 in comeback win over Bengals

It took a late fourth quarter comeback but the Rams beat the Bengals in Super Bowl 56 thanks to who else but Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald. LA was dealt a major blow to its offense early when Odell Beckham Jr. left the game early and was eventually ruled out in the third quarter.

White House Threatens Vlad

Biden tells Ukraine's Zelensky that US would respond 'swiftly and decisively' to any further Russian aggression

President Joe Biden told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a roughly hour-long call Sunday that the US would respond "swiftly and decisively" if Russia takes further steps toward invasion, according to a White House readout of the call.


Future COVID variants could be more deadly, scientists warn

New COVID-19 variants that emerge could cause more serious illness and fatalities than previous strains, some scientists warn. Though the Omicron variant had milder symptoms, that may not be the case for future strains, experts told the Guardian. "There will be more variants after Omicron and if they are more transmissible they will dominate.

Star Power Opens Wallets

The Super Bowl ads showed celebrities rule the world. We're just buying stuff in it

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day of the year that television viewers look forward to commercials. Those 30-second spots that interrupted the suspense of "Mission: Impossible" and the comedic flow of "Seinfeld" way back in the 20th century are embraced as a time-honored tradition during the NFL's annual championship showdown.

El Papa Prays For Peace

Pope leads crowd in silent prayer for Ukraine

Pope Francis Pope Francis Pope: War in Ukraine would be 'madness' Retired pope makes 'heartfelt request for forgiveness' over handling of sex abuse cases Liberal cardinal urging 'fundamental revision' in Catholic teaching on homosexuality MORE led a silent prayer for Ukraine on Sunday in St.

Artsy Kangaroos Share Creativity

UMKC Conservatory students face unique challenges during coronavirus pandemic | UMKC Roo News

Sarah Clough, a senior at the UMKC Conservatory, has faced the pandemic head-on throughout the past semesters, battling discouragement and lower enjoyment levels from classes. Although her professors have found new and unique ways to make students' time useful, she claims it has simply not ...

Kansas City Cult Exposed

Part II: "Adam God," a religious cult, caused chaos in Kansas City in 1908

In the last issue of the we explored the emergence of a religious cult known as "Adam God." Its founder, James Sharp (b. 1857) and his wife, Melissa (b.1871) claimed to be Adam and Eve reincarnated. Starting in 1905 in Oklahoma, the couple along with their son, Lee (b.

Lovely Weather This Week

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

It's another cold one out there today! Start time temperatures are mostly into the 20s, which is a nice change when you think of the teens that we saw to start your Saturday morning. When it comes to daytime highs those should also be a bit warmer than yesterday.

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