Kansas City Star: Super Bowl Halftime Show Criticism Is Racist!!!

Today's racially charged pop culture accusation from cowtown dead-tree media isn't even a clever troll. 

For the record and just so TKC readers don't forget that there is, in fact, a difference betwixt objective reality and subjective opinions . . . 


For the record . . .

TKC LOVES HIP-HOP but this show was depressing inasmuch as it reveals that music from the 90s & early 2000s is dated and no longer relevant for the younger generation. 

The music on display last night no longer moves crowds or influences the culture . . . The songs were hip-hop standards.

Reality check . . 

They were playing the oldies. 

A perfect example . . . 

50 cent was the youngest guy on stage and he's 46 years-old.

Sure, there are plenty of musicians doing groundbreaking work well into their 80s. 

Still its doubtful that Super Bowl audiences want to listen to jazz fusion from Pat Metheny or experimental operatic symphonies from Philip Glass. This is KC so there's no shame in saying that this town can probably only agree on tunes from old timers Willie Nelson or b-bop tribute from Bobby Watson

Everybody has a career arc . . . Did you know the EXCEPTIONALLY talented iconic & legendary Nina Simone lived in Paris for a couple of years playing nasty $300 club gigs for booze & drug money whilst living in a flop house?!?!

But I digress . . . 

The point here is that there were a lot of things to consider about the Super Bowl halftime show but The Kansas City Star took the easy way out, followed a silly social media trend in order to propagate racially divisive commentary in support of mediocre or, at the very least, outdated mainstream entertainment. 

Here's their money line about reaction from the public . . .

"Tropes used to demean and stereotype African Americans aren’t new. Every performer aside from Eminem, who ended his set with a nod to Colin Kaepernick, was Black. Maybe that is the real issue. Forget the faux outrage; the halftime show was pretty damn good."


Apt criticism isn't a hate crime. 

We love Mary J. Blige but she's a high-end club act for a niche audience nowadays. 

Moreover . . . 

The American spotlight is inherently cruel and racially-charged bullying advocacy might be able to sway elections, influence court verdicts and terrify the populace . . . 

But, thankfully, mean tweets can't make people enjoy pop music that's well past its prime and now must be retired to the past.

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You decide . . .