Kansas City Star Declares War On Senator Hawley Over Ukraine

There was a time, not so long ago, when The Kansas City Star editorial page ruled over the political discourse of this cowtown.

That time is gone.

Now, anybody and everybody with a mobile phone has the power to become an influencer

Moreover . . .

Social media, TV and some of the worst management seen in modern biz history have rendered the newspaper nearly irrelevant. 

Un-fun fact that bloggers know all-to-well . . . There's a school of thought which contends that some of their most loyal patrons are merely hate-watching in order to garner rhetorical ammunition.

Accordingly . . .

Newspaper editorials now seem like barbershop banter transcribed for a smaller audience and lacking any of the credibility, gravitas or insight that was offered not so long ago by the dead-tree media institution. 

This clunky passage provides one example out of many of degraded standards and a subpar example of political writing that might not even be good blog content . . .

"Here’s our suggestion: You Trumpists, whose idol just this week emailed his followers a single “news” link — to a story on RT.com, the website of Kremlin-backed Russian state TV? And who even now praises the dissenter-poisoning dictator’s recent moves in Ukraine as “genius,” “savvy,” “wonderful,” and “smart?” Y’all need to call a wartime ceasefire on bullshit."

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Putin-enabling Trumpists like Josh Hawley need to call a wartime ceasefire on bullshit

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Predictably, the same Republicans - let's start with you, Josh Hawley - who have spent years emboldening mad Vlad Putin are now claiming that it's President Joe Biden whose weakness vis-a-vis Russia made the invasion of Ukraine inevitable.