Kansas City Snow Threat Fact Check

Some of the most sketchy celebrity weather newsies have already started up talking threat of another snowpocalypse in Kansas City.

Last time around 3/4ths of local weather people predicted up to 16 inches of snow. 

The unveiling revealed a mere 3.5 and caused citywide disappointment that your mother knows all to well.

Meanwhile, TKC is still eating french toast thanks to all of the winter supplies that were mistakenly purchased.

To be fair . . .

Our readers have noted that Joe Lauria might be one of the few voices of reason out there and that's why we're sharing his snow fact check to contradict a great deal of hype.

Here's his peek at weather models . . .

Severe weather is possible towards the south of southeast of the region as well I think...not exactly sure where...but these systems are notorious for big fast moving storms...especially down towards AR/SE MO/KY/TN etc. Areas that have had severe weather at times this winter already.

There doesn't appear to be a true cold air connection to the storm...so whatever cold air comes in will have to be created by the storm itself. There isn't an arctic connection to the system...or really even a Canadian connection. So whatever cold air comes in behind the storm later next week should just quickly move out in about 24 hours heading into next weekend.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Joe's Weather Blog: Signals point to a significant storm next week (THU-2/10)

There hasn't been a lot to really write about lately...and that looks to change over the coming week or so as an interesting storm may be taking aim on the Plains...creating needed moisture, a lot in the form of rain, and perhaps some tail end snows somewhere nearby.