Kansas City Schools Struggle To Stay Open As COVID Cont'd

Teachers are in short supply and more complaints about working conditions continue to emerge.

Accordingly, the lesson for this morning is that pandemic progress is hard fought and not yet assured.

Here's the premise . . .

Schools in the Kansas City area returned from winter break last month amid a COVID-19 surge driven by the highly-contagious omicron variant. Since then, a wave of COVID-related absences has forced several local school districts to temporarily close their doors as they grapple with massive staffing shortages.

Kansas City Public Schools has managed to stay open, but teachers say they’re still facing challenges caused by the widespread virus.

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Kansas City teachers are asking for 'all hands on deck' as they labor to keep kids in the classroom

It's a Friday morning at Troost Elementary School and students are beginning to pour into class. Third grade teacher David Price tells them to get seated and work on their creative writing assignment. Price says this is his favorite part of class, but he and other teachers at Kansas City Public Schools say the first few weeks back in the classroom have been hectic, stressful, and overwhelming.