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It's gonna get pretty cold this week and it might snow . . . This is normal for February in Kansas City but, unfortunately, weather newsies are paid to terrify the public and possibly spike revenue for people manufacturing french toast supplies.

Here's a preview of the mania on what should be an otherwise nice day . . .

And that's just the beginning. The thermometer will slip to 30 to 40 degrees below normal by Tuesday and Wednesday, as a strong high pressure system begins to spread Arctic air farther south and east.

Many cities will see a sharp polar plunge in a 48-hour span.

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Millions of Americans, including Kansans, facing polar plunge this week

Some cities will see the drastic drop in temps even more quickly, in a mere 24 hours. In Amarillo, TX the high temperature Monday will top out in the low 70s, but quickly drop to the mid 30s just one day later.