Kansas City Pouts Over Super Bowl Without Patrick Mahomes

Another question for close readers . . .

Will Vlad invade Ukraine for the halftime show?!?!

He'd have an hour-and-a-half head start on everybody.

But I digress . . . 

Here's analysis with sharing courtesy of our blog community . . .

Patrick Mahomes - He is clearly great.

And even if he hasn't declined,  what if he played above his own general ability his first 2 to 3 years? I.e. if one has a certain amount of talent and skill, there may still be some variation in performance. What if he just happened to hit the high point his first few years?

Or - maybe other teams have figured him out?

Or the Chiefs can't put together the entire team they need?

These are all EXCELLENT QUESTIONS and we'll have a few months to consider them until the Kansas City Chiefs hype machine reves into gear sometime around June.

For now here are just a few thoughts  via www.TonysKansasCity.com news links . . .

Patrick Mahomes found a way to steal the spotlight at Super Bowl 56

Patrick Mahomes starred in two Super Bowl 56 commercials ... so far. Despite his team not making it to the big game, Kansas City Chief's quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, found a way to star in the Super Bowl. Mahomes found his way into two iconic and uber-popular Super Bowl commercials at press time.

Chiefs' disastrous Super Bowl flaw also could wreck Bengals

The electric young quarterback never stood a chance to win the Super Bowl, because his overmatched offensive line collapsed under fire. How quickly it seems to be forgotten that the biggest storyline coming out of Super Bowl LV - the Chiefs' inability to protect Patrick Mahomes - could be repeated Sunday if the shaky Bengals offensive line renders meaningless the potential magic in Joe Burrow.

KC Chiefs should watch these potential free agents in Super Bowl 56

The Kansas City Chiefs are not only where they don't want to be, but they're also not where they should be. As the most talented team that suffered a total meltdown just before a third consecutive Super Bowl appearance, it can be hard as fans to come to terms that our favorite team is sitting at home when the most meaningful football game of the season is set to be played.

Super Bowl returns to where it all began

LOS ANGELES - You don't want to close your eyes at the top of this stadium because it is, as it usually is, a beautiful day in Southern California. The sun sits alone in a piercing blue sky, and it is 80 degrees in the middle of February.

"Totally agree Tyreek Hill, why not chase Michael Jordan for 7 rings?": Tom Brady and the Chiefs indulged in Super Bowl trash-talk before the Bucs QB backed it up last year - The SportsRush

Tom Brady and the Kansas City Chiefs trash-talked one another about chasing Michael Jordan prior to last year's Super Bowl.

Miley Cyrus, Green Day span decades in pre-Super Bowl show

Miley Cyrus has only been alive for about half the Super Bowls ever played, but her setlist on the eve of the 56th spanned the whole history of the big game and then some LOS ANGELES -- Miley Cyrus has only been alive for about half the Super Bowls ever played, but her setlist on the eve of the 56th spanned the whole history of the big game and then some.

How Ukraine is responding to escalating threats of invasion

With tensions between Russia and the West increasing and as many as 130,000 Russian troops massed on its borders, Ukraine is facing an increasingly difficult situation - trying to prepare for the worst while living with the uncertainty of what Russia will ultimately decide to do.

A 70s paper predicted societal collapse in 2040 - here's what the analyst says now

When her study - confirming a 1970s prediction that humanity 's unquenchable desire for economic growth would hit a wall and could spiral into civilization's collapse around 2040 - first hit headlines last summer, sustainability analyst Gaya Herrington had more pressing concerns.

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