Kansas City Northeast Seyz Council Dude Bunch Ignores Cries For Help

As we approach election season, longstanding complaints from neighborhoods are growing louder.

For years Council dude Bunch has been absent from discussions amongst his constituents in the Northeast and Westside . . . Now the outcry is growing louder.

Here's the word about an ongoing crisis . . .

“They don’t have borders. They wander up and around and in and out of yards like there’s nothing there. That’s just got to stop,” said Historic Northeast homeowner Michael Bushnell.

Bushnell is among the many Historic Northeast residents demanding 4th District Councilman Eric Bunch take action against the campers flooding the area backyards, park lands and violent crime.

Bushnell witnessed the aftermath of a machete attack between two area homeless that ended on his neighbor’s porch.

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Historic Northeast residents demand councilmember act on homeless encampment, crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City has long had pockets of homelessness, and right now, one of those areas is the Historic Northeast. "They don't have borders. They wander up and around and in and out of yards like there's nothing there. That's just got to stop," said Historic Northeast homeowner Michael Bushnell.

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This critically thinking News Dog thinks a change in paradigms is highly necessary in how the City deals with the ongoing and growing issue of homeless camps on public land. Not only are the camps illegal, but they also create a public safety issue for neighbors living nearby and those wishing to use a public park, but also for those who choose to live off grid in those camps.

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