Kansas City Mayor Q Vows To 'Cure Epidemic Of Gun Violence' Again!!!

For the second time today, the mayor boosts his profile on the national stage.

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To date this town has suffered 16 homicides so far this year and that tragic number outpaces last year's historic count. 

Here's a quote from the city hall leader regarding this group and their legislative agenda . . .

“Gun violence is the central issue challenging mayors’ cities,” Lucas said. “I look forward to working with mayors and thought leaders across the country on ensuring that we cure once and for all the epidemic of gun violence on our streets.”

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Mayor Lucas named co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas joins one of ten new co-chairs of Everytown for Gun Safety's Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition. Founded in 2006 by then-New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and then-Boston Mayor Tom Menino, the coalition to advocate for gun reform, community gun safety ordinances and enforcement strategies.

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In North Lawndale, a neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago laden with crime and poverty, Derek Brown, founder of Boxing Out Negativity, has taken the fight against gun violence off the street and into the ring. His program provides mentorship and a safe space for at-risk youth who are more likely to be swept up into street life.

What can the pandemic teach us about the gun violence epidemic?

Across the country , gun violence has surged during the pandemic - even as other crimes continued decades of decline. Last year was the deadliest in Philadelphia's history. This leads to a natural comparison: if gun violence is an epidemic inside a pandemic , what public health approaches from covid-19 could help?

Parson says Missouri should ignore federal laws that prevent abusers from owning guns

During an appearance on KCUR's Up to Date on Tuesday, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson discussed his COVID-19 policies, conflict within the Republican Party, proposed gun laws, his attempts to prosecute a journalist for identifying a problem on a state agency's website and other matters.

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As New York City and the nation grapple with troubling increases in violent crime, including a 27% increase in murders in 2020 and a doubling in shootings in the five boroughs between 2019 and 2021, Mayor Adams and President Biden came together on Thursday to pledge a series of steps aimed at reversing the trend.

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In remarks at a Feb. 3 gun violence prevention task force meeting, President Joe Biden repeated claims about gun rights and gun manufacturing that fact-checkers have previously found to be false. Biden said when the Second Amendment passed, "you couldn't buy a cannon ...

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NEW YORK (AP) - Running through a grim tally of recent gun deaths, President Joe Biden pledged to New Yorkers and the nation on Thursday that the federal government would step up its fight against gun violence by working more closely with police and communities to stop the surging bloodshed.

Gun Violence's Root Causes and What to Do About Them

My wife and I walk the streets and the trendy Westside BeltLine in our Atlanta neighborhood daily, and we consistently see young men who seem in or barely out of their teens "packing heat" and looking as if they are ready for trouble. They look scary, but they also appear afraid.

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