Kansas City Mayor Q & Pals STILL Working To Defund Police

As we approach budget time we'll hear this tired old argument again and again . . .

One of Mayor Q's supporters misspent his time on Sunday to type up a treatise that old school political consultant Steve Glorioso dreamed up years ago . . . It's nice to remember him on Sunday given that he's currently working on pushing up daisies.

Here's the pitch . . .

"Put yourself in the shoes of a major American city who has lots of things to fix but has been overpaying by at least $40 million per year and that $40 million isn’t getting the job done.

"Well…that’s Kansas City and its police budget is bloated and the overall department is ineffective.

"$270,000,000. Two Hundred And Seventy Million Dollars. Or 37% of Kansas City’s general fund, which is the portion of the budget we have the flexibility to change year to year.

"That’s the requested 2022-2023 budget for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

"If you add in the Fire Department and the small municipal court budget, you get close to 70% of the city’s general fund spent on public safety."

Answer . . .

Spending money on police & fire is better than paying for activists, hobos or some sketchy "community" slush fund.

In fairness, we share the argument to the contrary. 

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Kansas City Is Still Giving The Police Too Much Money (and getting poor results)

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