Kansas City Loses Friends & Alienates Family & Neighbors Thanks To CRT Debate

If COVID has taught us all one thing . . . It's this: 

American public education is now a bad joke. 

For the most part, the education industrial complex has become far too politicized to effectively train youngsters for anything more complex than watching TV morning talk shows.

Still . . .

That doesn't make the debate any less fun . . . Even better, bored adults might garner a bit of social media celebrity by way of yelling at strangers over curriculum that most people don't understand. 

On the progressive side of the debate . . .

Contempt for parents and community is palpable . . . And it's pretty obvious that NOBODY wants the outside world knowing some of the truly insane things that are said inside classrooms. 

And all of this brings us to a skit from a failed stand-up comic that might as well pass for news because it's more entertaining than most of the info on this topic.

Here's the setup . . .

For the uninitiated, critical race theory (CRT) refers to a body of legal scholarship that attempts to understand why racism and inequality have persisted after the Civil Rights movement. The core tenet is that racism is not the product of individual bias or prejudice, but rather structurally embedded in our justice, education, labor, housing and healthcare systems.

Opponents of CRT have claimed the framework unfairly admonishes white students and teaches kids to be ashamed of their born skin color.

Though opponents of the theory aren’t entirely correct, even Oliver admits the theory is intricate and that broaching the topic in an elementary school setting would be difficult.

“To be clear, CRT is graduate-level legal theory. Unless your five-year-old is currently pursuing a law degree, they’re not reading KimberlĂ© Crenshaw,” HBO comedy host John Oliver said.

And so, here's the progressive take on the issue that all your work buddies will already have memorized this morning . . . 

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You decide . . .