Kansas City Gig Workers 'Flex' On Bosses

Mostly we believe that biz journalism is garbage and part of typically part of most promotional developer tax break schemes. 


This worthwhile screed offers a glimpse at a growing option againt tyrannical bosses. 

The cost seems to be a further decrease of benefits  . . . But we notice that most employers are EXTREMELY STINGY WITH HEALTHCARE PLANS NOWADAYS ANYHOO

Accordingly, here's an avenue for the working-class with some skill to start looking around and realize the future might give rise to THE DIGITAL COTTAGE INDUSTRY that's every bit as cruel as the old school "factory" mindset which still dominates outdated boomer conceptions for work. 

Don't think that TKC completely buys into this hype . . . The end of the road for "flex work" is your daughter, mom & lady friend showing their sweet booty "full-time" for a few creeps watching OnlyFans far too closely. 

Nevertheless, here's the pitch . . .

The flex labor economy consists of workers that have the flexibility to select their own hours, and agree to the scope of work and pricing before committing to any job. It prioritizes autonomy and flexibility, where workers monetize their existing skills as opposed to their assets (such as leveraging their vehicle to drive for Uber).

This type of flexible work is unique in how it follows an open, horizontal marketplace model, no longer limiting the tasks that can be posted or monetized, nor putting a cap on that monetization. Meaning, it enables skilled professionals to easily connect with people and offer skills they previously may not have thought they could monetize such as baking, voice-over work or crafting, at a cost they deem is worth their time and experience. Whether seeking a side hustle,  full-time job or a stop-gap, the flex economy supports Americans in finding both income and purpose.

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KC workers aren't leaving - they just want more control over their jobs; Why that isn't such a weird flex

Editor's note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author's alone. Bo Fishback, CEO of Airtasker USA , a local services marketplace that connects people who need work done with those who are ready to work, previously founded Kansas City-based Zaarly. The startup was acquired by Airtasker in 2021.