Once again Jeff City reveals a cultural divide with the KCMO urban core.

Check an important gun rights debate regarding a repeated push to carry concealed weapons on public transit that might or might not make a bus and/or streetcar ride just a bit more interesting . . . But probably not any safer . . .

Rep. Richard Brown, D-Kansas City, repeatedly expressed concerns about public safety and the implication that people who ride the bus are criminals.

“Those aren’t criminals on that bus,” Brown said. “Those are elderly, those are disabled, and then there’s some children. That’s what I see on the bus when I ride the bus.”

In what became a point of contention at the hearing, all five witnesses who testified in support of the bill said they do not ride public transportation regularly. Out of four witnesses testifying in opposition, two said they ride public transit periodically.

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Legislators try again for concealed carry weapons on public transit

JEFFERSON CITY - Concealed guns would be permitted on Missouri public transportation in bills heard Monday by the House General Laws Committee. The hearing reviewed both HB 1462 and HB 1660, which are similar in content and mirror legislation filed in previous years. The respective sponsors, Rep. Adam Schnelting, R-St.