Hipsters Rank Trendy Kansas City Coffee Shops: Your Barista Hates You!!!

We've noticed quite a few local coffee reports as of late and none of them are very useful. 

More than anything, what defines the local coffee scene is a struggle betwixt workers, owners and coffee snobs. 

First . . . 

Starbucks workers hoping to unionize reveals that this job is much more stressful than most selfish coffee drinkers realize. 

What's worse . . .

A spike in coffee prices is killing pricey java luxury for most local coffee shops. 

Double bonus . . . Climate change is killing coffee

Stir all of this up into a sketchy labor market and that's probably why your barista doesn't want to make small talk and likely would rather be a cam girl . . . Which, strangely, offers more dignity than fixing a fancy drink perfectly for the fading and finicky middle-class.

Nevertheless, here's a nice local review or at least a convincingly fake bit of bot content served up with a smile like the last cup of coffee your wife made before she left . . .

"I have yet to visit all of the local coffee shops in Kansas City, but I have not been disappointed by a single one . . .You can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list,  the taste and atmosphere for all of them are wonderful."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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In Kansas City, every local coffee shop has given me serotonin during my first visit, and many of the baristas ask, "Is it for here?" If you say yes, you will get a mug, cup or plate rather than a to-go container. I am here to rank the first round of coffee shops I visited [...]