Kansas City Chiefs Vexed By Overtime Rule

Football isn't always fair . . . Some of us think it might be as rigged as old school wrestling matches.

However, this season NFL overtime protocols sparked a great deal of soul searching regarding the fate the game and this town's favorite clutch player . . .

This momentum for a change in overtime rules will probably irk Chiefs fans — at least a little. As most will remember, it was three playoff tournaments ago when the New England Patriots beat the Chiefs in one possession after winning their overtime toss. Tom Brady waltzed down the field in 13 plays and Rex Burkhead’s 2-yard scoring run ended the game.

Had the rules been different, perhaps the Chiefs would have gone to three straight Super Bowls. Maybe they beat the Los Angeles Rams that year — and the Patrick Mahomes Era would have already produced two titles instead of just one. Too sweet an alternate universe to ignore, the Chiefs proposed a change after that postseason — yet it never went to a vote.

That does not seem to be the case this offseason, with multiple teams pushing for change for at least the postseason — according to The Washington Post — with added consideration for a change of rules in the regular season.

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Timing of potential playoff rule change might irk Chiefs fans

Given the way the Kansas City Chiefs' season ended - a 27-24 AFC championship game overtime loss to the Cincinnati Bengals - it is OK to admit that 13 seconds and The Grim Reaper have lost a bit of their buzz in Kansas and Missouri.