Kansas City Chiefs Crumbling As Free Agency Deadline Approaches

The Super Bowl team is falling apart and hardcore fans are taking notice.

All things must change but not everyone is convinced that these moves are for the better. 

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"Now with less than a month left until free agency, and still no contract extension in place, it’s suddenly seeming very realistic that a deal might not get done. The franchise tag is always in play, but it’s more likely the Chiefs will use that on their left tackle, Orlando Brown Jr. if a deal can’t get done with either player before free agency begins.

So what would the ramifications be if the Chiefs don’t re-sign the Kingdom Landlord?

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The ramifications of KC Chiefs not signing Tyrann Mathieu

It's kind of hard to believe, but in just under a month, the NFL New Year will begin and with it will come free agency. The Kansas City Chiefs have several free agents this year, and you'll want to keep an eye on Arrowhead Addict as we break down each free agent.