Kansas City Bishop Considers New Catholics

Catholic converts are often overlooked and this Sunday morning we notice a recent bit of appreciation by a high ranking faith community leader.

This passage from Kansas City - St. Joseph Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. stands out because of its honesty . . .

"Catholics who have been Catholic for as long as they can remember can sometimes take for granted or overlook the beauty of our faith and how blessed one is by it. Then there is the effect of scandal. The sins and weaknesses of the Church’s members can obscure the Church and discourage us at times. The witness of those coming into the fullness of the faith can inspire us to see things through new eyes."

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Becoming Catholic - The Catholic Key

I am fascinated by the stories of those who seek to enter the Catholic Church. The stories are as unique as the individuals themselves. Some stories share a common thread, others are out of the ordinary, but each, in its own way, is quite remarkable.