Kansas City 'Bike Supremacy' Demands Compliance Without Discussion

The arguments of cycling "activists" seem cute until we realize they're really just another special interest group comprised of middle-class suits demanding government handouts.

Even worse . . .

They aren't open to debate or discussion of their backward ideas . . . Instead they simply ignore any criticism of their pipe dreams and blame Prez Trump for reasonable opposition to backward plans. 

On the bright side  . . .

More denizens of the urban core are starting to speak up against this sketchy scheme and realize that NEIGHBORHOODS NOT ACTIVISTS should determine the course of local streets.

In fairness, here's a clandestine call to action . . .

He hopes his videos encourage more people to bike. He didn’t begin biking until 2019. He got rid of his car in 2020 and would love to see more people follow suit.

He said the best way to encourage biking is to build and plan for it.

In 2020, the Kansas City, Missouri City Council adopted a “Vision Zero” initiative to prevent all traffic fatalities by 2030. Part of the plan to achieve the goal is to build more protected bike lanes. A cycle track along Gillham Road is one recent example.

“Laws and paint and signs can only do so much, but what we really could do is build more separated facilities,” he pointed out.

Translation . . .

He's talking about no-car-zones -- A longtime goal for Kansas City bike/walk activists.

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