Kansas City Activists Argue Against War In Ukraine

This weekend locals on the Country Club Plaza argued for a moment of pause amid escalating tensions over the fate of an Eastern European nation.

What's interesting about this conversation is that arguments against war are coming for both committed progressives and MAGA-style conservatives . . . And they reveal a growing divide between the American public and their elected leaders.

First up, a quick look at the local conversation . . .

Anti-war protestors in Kansas City voice concerns over Russia, Ukraine dispute

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV/AP) - Russia on Saturday sent a pair of long-range nuclear-capable bombers on patrol over its ally Belarus amid spiraling tensions over Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry said the two Tu-22M3 bombers practiced interacting with the Belarusian air force and air defense during a four-hour mission.

And then a news link roundup of peace'nik protestations elsewhere via www.TonysKansasCity.com news links . . .

"We Need Peace": War in Ukraine Would Be Humanitarian Catastrophe for Millions in the Region

As tensions grow between Russia and NATO over a potential invasion of Ukraine, up to 2 million people in eastern Ukraine are at risk of massive displacement and violence if the conflict escalates. We speak with the Norwegian Refugee Council's Jan Egeland, who is on the ground in Ukraine and says a war could roll back nearly a decade of humanitarian progress made in the Ukrainian region.

There's a big tent opposing US intervention in Ukraine. Tucker Carlson is stretching its limits.

Fight disinformation. Get a daily recap of the facts that matter. Sign up for the free Mother Jones newsletter. There are not many issues that can unite Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), liberal journalist Peter Beinart, and guerrilla activist group Code Pink, but the looming possibility of a war between the United States and Russia over Ukraine is one of them.

Opinion: Josh Hawley joins Tucker Carlson in ripping a gash in GOP's Ukraine stance

Frida Ghitis writes that GOP Sen. Josh Hawley's desire to block US support for Ukraine joining NATO proves the lawmaker has joined the Trump-Carlson branch of the party, which preaches isolationism and strongly advocates against US involvement abroad.

Ukraine crisis exposes rifts inside both parties: The Note

If there's potential for foreign policy to be a wedge issue for either party, it might feature angles that wind up cutting in both directions. The current standoff over Ukraine is creating unusual political circumstances.

"There Is No Military Solution Out of This Ukraine Crisis"

The State Department continues to signal that the United States is searching for a diplomatic solution to mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine -with a senior official announcing last week, "The United States does not want conflict. We want peace."

Most Americans Don't Want War With Russia. Where Are Progressives?

A new Data for Progress poll shared exclusively with the Prospect finds that the majority of Americans favor diplomacy with Russia over sanctions or going to war for Ukrainian sovereignty. Most Americans are not particularly animated about the escalating conflict in Eastern Europe, the poll shows, despite round-the-clock media coverage.

Activists host peace rally in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) - The nationwide anti-war organization CODEPINK hosted a ' Peace with Russia Day of Action' to ask the U.S. to commit to deescalation and negotiations. The tension building between Russia, Ukraine and NATO has sparked anti-war protests across the country, including here in Nashville.

Iowans protest, call for peace as tensions rise over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine

Activists came from down the street and across the state to Des Moines Saturday to raise a white flag in support of a peaceful solution to tensions between Europe and Russia. The protest occurred just hours after the Iowa Army National Guard announced mobilization orders to head to Poland.

'We just want peace' - what it's like living in Ukraine right now

International tensions are high as Russian troops and military equipment continue to be amassed at its border with Ukraine, creating an uncertain future for millions of Ukrainians. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned on Tuesday that any military confrontation with Russia would result in a "full scale" war on European soil.

Pope appeals for peace in Ukraine as threat of war looms - Vatican News

As Christians hold a day of prayer for peace in Ukraine, Pope Francis prays that world leaders will work towards peace as political tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine. By Vatican News staff writer At the conclusion of his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis asked the faithful "to pray for peace in Ukraine, now and throughout this day."

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