Kansas Blog Reconsiders 'Freedom Convoy' White Supremacy Charge

For TKC . . . Thoughts about truckers are mostly confined to campy country music.

However, this discussion of an international debate is much more serious, not as much fun and is skillfully unpacked by a right-wing Kansas blog . . . Take a peek . . .

The column, written by Taylor Dysart, a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania, begins by attacking the Canadian Truckers Convoy that attempted to end Covid-19 vaccine mandates on truckers.  Dysart  derided the truckers as “explicitly racist” and said the convoy’s stated effort to restore freedoms is “a key component of white supremacy.”

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Washington Post: expecting freedom is white supremacy - The Sentinel

An opinion piece in the Washington Post last week declaring that expecting individual freedom is a "key component of white supremacy" is the latest of the effort to undermine our constitutional republic. reports that the Washington Post is being "hammered" for the allegations in the column. The column, written by Taylor Dysart, a Ph.D.