Tens of thousands of people are clinging to every word from Kansas City's favorite millennial political pundit. 

At least that's what the marketing material seyz.

Still . . .

The former politico turned talker has our respect for returning to the digital grind and restarting one of his most successful ventures. 

Here's how he's doing it . . .

When it ended its original run, Majority 54 had hundreds of thousands of listeners per episode, according to Atkins. Now, a year and a half after its return, it’s getting about 50,000 “dedicated listeners.”

After its comeback, Majority 54 faced an issue: With Trump no longer in office, a show centered around conversations with his supporters seemed less urgent.

“We—like many other political shows—experienced when Trump left office, a huge decline in listenership, and had been trying all sorts of things to re-engage listeners from a content perspective, from a marketing perspective,” Atkins told Marketing Brew. “We’re slowly sort of climbing back up.”

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