Johnson County Negro Creek 'Crisis' Rename Debated

Again . . . For people who speak even a few words of Spanish . . . This YEARS-LONG DEBATE amongst suburbanites doesn't really make any sense.

Moreover . . . The creek is more like a trickle and really reveals that lengths that suburbanites will stoop to in order to argue with and berate their neighbors.

Here's the overview . . .

Some new names suggested by residents included Freedom Creek and Hope Creek. Other respondents said changing the name would be bowing to "wokeness" and "cancel culture."

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Johnson County asked residents for input on renaming Negro Creek. Here's what people said

It wasn't long after an article on Negro Creek ran in Johnson County's Best Times magazine that suggestions for alternative names began coming in. Freedom Creek, Liberation Creek, Emancipation Creek, Mo-Kan Creek, Stanley Creek, Juneteenth Creek, BLM Creek, Racial Justice Creek. The list goes on: 63 submissions in all.