Jackson County COVID Mask Mandate Stalled As KU Med Warns of Death

Today a controversial decision on Jackson County COVID mask dress code orders that would have impacted local suburbs was sent back to committee.

Reality and just a bit of encouragement of grassroots action from ANYBODY who wants to engage in local politics . . .

Without a dedicated crew of protesters showing up in-person to express their opposition, the legislation likely would have passed.

Meanwhile, here's an important word from local health leaders . . .

"We are still seeing that effect of those great number of hospitalizations that we've been dealing with for the past several weeks," Dr. Dana Hawkinson, at the University of Kansas Health System, said during an update.

Another grim reality is that doctors and nurses continue to lose patients to the virus.

"Unfortunately, we have also continued to have deaths and over the weekend we had eight deaths, three on Friday, two on Saturday, and then three in the last 24 hours," Hawkinson said.

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Further reading from BOTH sides of the debate . . .

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You decide . . .