Jackson County COVID Mask Mandate: Science or Political Revenge?!?

Political divisions are worsening not only on the national level but in our neighborhoods.

From conservatives there's growing mainstream suspicion that mask mandates are about power and not science.

Here's an inconvenient fact that we hope will inform the conversation . . .


There is, in fact, legitimate debate about the effectiveness of masks against the pandemic and, more importantly, it's unfortunate that so many progressives have totally ignored the long-term mental & behavioral impact on youngsters who don't have a voice in mask mandate decisions.

Still, TKC isn't here to make judgements one way or another. 

Instead we share an important sentiment and political analysis from our blog community that even offers a few worthwhile jokes for good measure . . . Check-it . . .

Another Mask Mandate?

Buried within the Jackson County Legislative Agenda is another proposed K-12 Mask Mandate.

Signaling an attempt to show solidarity, four legislators have signed onto the proposal:  Ron Finley, Scott Burnett, and of course, Crystal Williams and Jalen Anderson.

A few questions have yet to be answered:

1. Is this a political move, in an attempt to appease the 100 or so Blue Springs parents who signed a petition to bring back masks? 

2. Is this a personal move, because they are upset that Blue Springs smacked them down when they attempted a community-wide mandate?

3. Are they just jaded and angry because no one is listening to them any longer?

I am going to go with “yes” to all three questions.

Also, why did the legislators and health department, when meeting with local school superintendents last week, tell them that they weren’t planning on trying to implement a mask mandate for K-12 Schools?

Something smells fishy, and it’s not just Crystal.

It looks like it’s going to come down to a Charlie Franklin, again…but, just like last time:  Passing a mandate, without a super majority, goes against the 2/3rds majority guidelines found in the Jackson County Charter and the county is setting themselves up for multiple lawsuits.  Plus, there is absolutely no guarantee that school districts will follow their mandate.  Remember, they are locally elected and according to state statutes, they make their own decisions.

Oh, and pay no attention to the 35% decline in cases, the limited number of cases from school spread, and the fact that schools nationwide are dropping mask mandates.  Or that science big wigs (think Gottlieb, Wen, etc) are all calling for an end to school mask mandates.

Should be interesting watch it all unfold.

Developing . . .