Jackson County Costs Spike Amid Po'Folk Trailer Park Displacement

The new jail is already a debacle before a shovel has hit the ground.

Local activist groups calling out courthouse leaders and EXCEPTIONALLY POOR PLANNING have turned into an ongoing public relations nightmare.

Of course the solution is more cash, here's a peek at the old & busted plan so far . . .

Community Services Leagues staff said it has worked with each individual household to find new, permanent housing.

Jackson County agreed to give each household $10,000 to cover moving expenses. The county executive's office said many families have used that money to help make down payments or prepay several years rent.

Some people who have been relocated say they are pleased with the process, while others say the relocation package they received did not cover the entire costs.

The remaining residents said they were given a Feb. 28 deadline to relocate, but say they have no where to go.

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Jackson County to pay another $800k to relocate homeowners from future jail site

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It will cost Jackson County taxpayers an additional $800,000 to relocate people living at the Heart Mobile Home Village. The property sits east of Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 40. Jackson County purchased the property in August and plans to build a new Jackson County Detention Center there.