Here's How To Get Free Money From The Feds In Kansas City

The COVID plauge MIGHT be disappearing but that doesn't mean that local guv is running out of handouts.


Accordingly . . . 

Here's a peek at a VERY WELL ENDOWED fund (giggle) that will be distributing free money for those locals smart enough to have cultivated decent political connections . . . Check-it . . .

Companies, homes associations, individuals, neighborhood groups, nonprofits and other organizations are encouraged to apply to participate.  Decker said since the program was announced on January 27, 25 applications had already been received by February 2nd.

Applications for the first round of funding must be received by February 22.  Forest Decker, director of the Neighborhoods & Community Services Department said he hopes grants will begin being approved in March so projects can quickly get underway, although they will not all be awarded at once.  He said there will be at least one more round for applications and approvals.

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Neighborhoods can benefit from American Rescue Plan funds

KCMO has launched an ambitious new ReBuild KC Neighborhood Grants program that will use funds from the federal American Rescue Plan and other sources to pay or help pay for a wide variety of projects to improve neighborhoods in the city.