Here's How Kansas City Hipsters Keep Warm Amid Dark Winter

Whilst the rest of us are worried about rising inflation, the threat of war, higher taxes and the fading American middle-class . . . Fun times never end for cowtown poseurs.

Here's a peek courtesy of "public radio" and their growing news network which provides Kansas City with a slice of life from the vantage of grad students who don't like talking about their trust fund.

Here's the money line . . .

Kansas City is a relatively easy world to navigate: most of the numbered streets run east-west, while their named counterparts run north-south. With that in mind, there’s really no reason not to — oh. It’s still a bit cold, isn’t it?

Don’t let the weather get you down. We have technology for that. (Cue the fire making scene from “Castaway.”)

Here, in no particular order, are a few of our lovely local restaurants and bars with heated patios. Stay warm and support them through the end of the winter season.

What follows is a list of places where it's customary to tip no less than 25% and pay 10 bucks per frou-frou drink. 

There's no dress code but all of the dudes are wearing skinny jeans nevertheless.

And all of THAT is enough to make most of the denizens of this blog light up in an expletive-filled tirade . . . Which is why the photo of Smith seemed apropos

Read more via news link . . .

Cozy up to the fire at one of Kansas City's best heated patios

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