Here's Everything You Need To Know About Starting An Activist Career At City College

Step 1.

Find someone who pays well and scream whatever script they write. 

Step 2. 


Step 3. 


If that doesn't work . . . Marrying rich is still a viable option for more attractive college denizens.

Here's a more optimistic view of the constant struggle to avoid real work . . .

"College students have a unique experience when it comes to making social change. On the one hand, you can feel powerless against injustice. However, many of the nation’s most influential social movements were founded and led by college students. Protests against the Vietnam War were frequent on college campuses. Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement frequently visited universities around the country. Why is this? Because students and other young adults hold power when it comes to making a difference. "

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3 Ways to Get Involved With Social Action | Her Campus

Are you trying to make the world a better place? Many of us would like to, especially when we look around at the state of the world. Old and new wounds have plagued the country with violence and indifference. You might feel like there is nothing you can do, but this is not the case.