Former Weatherman Kansas State Senator Mike Thompson Plays Doctor

Just keeping up with a former local TV star and his not-so-expert medical opinion.

For the record, TKC doesn't know and doesn't care what people do with their youngsters. But we're not pretending to have an informed opinion on global pandemic epidemiology  . . . Unlike a politico who spent most of his career betwixt commercials for siding.  

Here's his money line from a recent COVID politico ploy . . .

Sen. Mike Thompson, R-Shawnee, said the legislation simply reaffirms religious rights already enshrined in the state constitution. He then repeated his false claims that vaccines are harmful and that COVID-19 poses no threat to children.

“It gives parents discretion as to whether or not they want their kid to take a vaccine that is actually dangerous, and has been proven to be so,” Thompson said. “These kids are not at risk.”

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s latest summary of Kansas deaths attributed to COVID-19 included four fatalities among children 0-9 years of age and three fatalities among youth aged 10 to 17.

Thompson also said it was important to “get these people these medicines and give these doctors the latitude they need, because this is the final nail in the coffin.”

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