Former KCPD Detective Remains Free On Appeal Bond After Conviction

A decision at the Jackson County Courthouse today proved to be a disappointment for activists and social justice warriors but was, actually, expected by courthouse insiders.

Reality check . . .


The controversial conviction simply did not conform to Missouri search laws and doesn't cite precedent in overturning DECADES of similar cases.

With all respect for the court, today's decision offers a preview of legal reality in Missouri.

Here's is what is likely the most important passage from recent reporting . . .

Despite the fact that Judge J. Dale Youngs has never granted such an appeal bond before in 13 years on the bench, he concluded that “the defendant’s incarceration without bond or other conditions that I might impose on him is not necessary to ensure his appearance at future proceedings.”

Youngs said his granting of the appeal bond will be subject to conditions “that I will take up more fully with my consideration of the other issues in this case at sentencing on March 4.” DeValkenaere’s attorney, Molly Hastings, successfully argued that, while appeal bonds may not be common in Jackson County, they are allowed by the state’s high court for bailable offenses.

According to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 33.01(a), “a defendant charged with a bailable offense shall be entitled to be released from custody pending trial or other stage of the criminal proceedings,” assuming the court believes the defendant will appear in court, comply with court orders, refrain from any new offenses and won’t tamper with witnesses or victims.

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KCPD detective who killed Cameron Lamb will be granted bond on appeal

In an unprecedented decision, a Jackson County Circuit Court judge ruled Tuesday that Eric DeValkenaere - the former Kansas City, Missouri, police detective who was convicted of two felonies in the shooting death of Cameron Lamb - can remain free on bail pending a planned appeal.

Judge grants ex-Kansas City officer's request for bond

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Tuesday, a Jackson County judge granted a request by a former Kansas City, Missouri, police officer convicted of killing a man. Judge Dale Youngs granted Eric DeValkenaere bond as he appeals his conviction.

Kansas City detective convicted in killing of Black man will remain free even after he's sentenced

The judge who convicted former Kansas City police detective Eric DeValkenaere in the killing of Cameron Lamb has taken the unusual step of agreeing to let him stay out of prison on bond after his appeal - even though he hasn't yet appealed.

Former KCPD officer Eric DeValkenaere to remain free on bond awaiting appeal in death of Cameron Lamb

A former Kansas City, Missouri, police officer convicted in connection with the death of a man while on duty will be allowed to remain out of jail while he appeals his conviction.A judge ruled Eric DeValkenaere did not need to be remanded into custody while awaiting sentencing on his second-degree involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action convictions in the death of Cameron Lamb.The judge said DeValkenaere should be allowed to remain free through the appeals process because he's not a flight risk, nor is he a danger to the community.

DeValkenaere granted appeal bond, can remain free during appeal process

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A former Kansas City police officer who was found guilty of manslaughter will be allowed to remain out of jail during his appeal process.

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