Former KCPD Detective Fights For Freedom During Appeal

The impact of a controversial decision continues as a former law enforcement official now confronts impending incarceration.

As with all public officials and most civilians who are imprisoned . . .

There's a legit concern about safety.

Here's a worthwhile summary that will likely anger both sides of this cowtown culture war debate . . .

In a Motion for Appeal Bond filed Monday, DeValkenaere’s legal team argues that during a forthcoming appeal, he should remain free because the court found “no evidence of malice” in DeValkenaere’s conduct and he is not a flight risk.

The motion notes that DeValkenaere — who worked for KCPD from 1999 until Jan. 24, 2022 — has lived in Kansas City since 1984. He graduated from Park Hill High School in 1997, has family in the area, lined up a job with a North Kansas City landscaping and lawn maintenance company, and has no prior convictions.

DeValkenaere and his wife have three children and have lived at the same residence for nearly 14 years.

During last week’s case management conference, Youngs, who presided over DeValkenaere’s bench trial, acknowledged that he is a unique defendant, but also said granting bond post-sentencing would be unprecedented.

“In almost 13 years of doing this, I have never stayed execution (of a sentence) and I have never ordered an appeal bond post-verdict,” said Youngs, who was appointed as a judge in Jackson County in 2009. Youngs found DeValkenaere guilty on both counts in the Dec. 3, 2019, shooting of Lamb during an encounter in the 4100 block of College Avenue.

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Convicted former KCPD detective formally petitions for post-sentencing appeal bond

The former Kansas City, Missouri, police officer, 43-year-old Eric DeValkenaere, who was convicted of two felonies in the shooting death of Cameron Lamb has formally filed a motion to be allowed to remain free on bond pending an appeal of his case.

Ex-KC officer Devalkenaere asks to remain free during appeals process

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Former Kansas City police detective Eric Devalkenaere is asking to remain free on bond while he appeals his conviction in the death of Cameron Lamb. DeValkenaere, who is no longer with the Kansas City Police Department as of Jan. 24, is scheduled to be sentenced March 4.

Ex-Kansas City officer asks to remain free during appeal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV/AP) - A former Kansas City police detective is asking to remain free on bond while his conviction in the shooting death of a Black man is appealed. Eric DeValkenaere, 43, is scheduled to be sentenced March 4 for second-degree involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the December 2019 death of Cameron Lamb.

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