Football 'Fans' Demand Mahomes Forsake Family!!!

Let's start at the crack of noon by confronting a bit of cruelty targeting Kansas City's favorite person.

The basics . . .

Just as our blog community predicted, social media scumbags hopefuls are going "all in" on everybody connected to superstar QB Patrick Mahomes. 

One troll aptly notes . . .

"Patrick Mahomes is down bad. Imagine losing and then having to go home to Jackson and Brittany making TikToks."

Whilst that might be correct and one of many things that could sour a contract worth hundreds of millions . . . It's also nasty and probably nobody's business.

Still, the off-season will be PACKED with this kind of chatter that hopes to further distract a team that fell apart at the end of their season.

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You decide . . .