Feds Sending #MeToo Cases To Court Impacts Kansas City Workers & Employers

Workplace rules will soon confront increasing scrutiny from courts thanks to legislation at the federal level. 

Bottom line: It never pays to be a creeper at work. Treatig collegues with respect is always its own reward.

Here's a quick quote and guidelines on the drama . . .

“The goal has always been to avoid these types of complaints in the first place, but people will always do things they’re not supposed to do,” said Shelly Freeman, a lawyer and founder of FineLine HR Consulting in Kansas City. “When they do, you have to respond quickly, decisively and appropriately. That’s especially important now with this new bill because it’s all going to be out in the public forum and it can be quite damaging to an organization, the brand, employee retention, employee recruiting, and customers and clients for that matter.”

Another perspective . . . 

"H.R. 4445 is seemingly straightforward on its face, but it is important for employers to be aware of the drastic shift in power in favor of certain employees and other persons covered by the law.  The gravamen of H.R. 4445 is to make it easier for victims of sexual assault and/or harassment to choose whether to bring their claims in court or to arbitrate their claims. However, and perhaps unsurprisingly, things are seldom “easy” in the legal world."

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Federal #MeToo bill will raise employer risk, put emphasis on prevention - Kansas City Business Journal

Federal legislation commonly known as the #MeToo bill, awaiting a signature from President Joe Biden, will have a huge effect on how to litigate sexual harassment and assault cases. The bill prohibits employers from using employment agreements to force arbitration in those cases. However, if employees prefer to arbitrate a claim, they still can.

More . . .

New Bill Likely to Shift #MeToo Cases from Arbitration to Courts | JD Supra

The Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) was amended in recent days when both houses of Congress approved the bill, Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021 (H.R. 4445)[1]. Days before its passage, President Biden issued a Statement of Administration Policy[2] supporting the bill and therefore, it is anticipated that the President Biden will soon sign the bill into law.

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