After all this time, our blog community still has LIBERTARIAN tendencies and this story provides ample evidence that sometimes police make mistakes . . . VERY COSTLY MISTAKES.

On the bright side . . . We think this dude deserves every penny and might even be able to buy himself some nice clothes to boot. 

UPDATE . . . Good on TKC commenters for noting that there's more than enough blame here to go around. 

Check-it . . .

"Tyree Bell was held in jail for three weeks without charge and released only after a detective watched patrol car videos from his arrest and concluded that his clothing and appearance did not match those of the suspect."

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Kansas City Police agree to pay $900,000 and apologize to Black teen wrongfully jailed for weeks

The Kansas City Police Department has agreed to pay $900,000 and apologize to a Black teenager who was arrested and detained for three weeks for a crime he didn't commit. The settlement would resolve a civil rights lawsuit brought by the family of Tyree Bell in 2017.