Downtown Kansas City Midday: Streetcar Carries Three People

I snapped this photo earlier today during the lunch hour in Downtown Kansas City.

To be fair, whilst the front of this toy train look desolate . . . There were three people riding amid the "hustle & bustle" of life near the loop at around noon.

And so . . . 

At a cost of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS and dozens of locals & small biz displaced . . . The midday features just a smattering of streetcar riders. 

And now the plan is to bring this "renaissance" to Midtown despite very little demand half a decade into the project. 

Here's what's worse . . .

Developers & lawyers are "selling the sizzle" of a streetcar boom to misguided investors.

TKC won't tell people what to do with their money but from the street level . . . The fixed rail payoff doesn't seem very convincing.

Read more of a more optimistic report via news link . . .

Trolley track work begins for the KC Streetcar extension

Construction began this week on the partial relocation of the Harry Wiggins Trolley Track. The track work is the one of the first major projects related to the KC Streetcar Main Street extension.The Trolley Trail located between 49th Street and 51st Street will be relocated approximately 20-feet to the east of the existing trail.

Developing . . .