Our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY knew that a report about falling KCMO rent was nothing but clickbait . . .

Credit to Fox4, they followed-up with much better coverage.

Here's a peek at the crisis in the making . . .

The Mid-America Regional Council reports 93-94 percent of available housing in the city is occupied, and new renters are forced to pay.

Frank Lenk, MARC’s director of research services, said there’s currently a big uptick in demand for rental properties locally, as baby boomers downsize their lifestyles and millennials search for their first pads. Both audiences sometimes compete for the same properties.

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Despite reports, rent continues to climb in the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo - The cost of rental housing in Kansas City continues to climb. Property managers in the metro disagree with a published report, indicating rental fees are falling in Kansas City, while they're rising in other cities. Property pros tell FOX4 News the need for affordable housing is at an all-time high in Kansas City.