Disgraced Former Missouri Guv Greitens Declares 'America First' Loyalty

Like it or not, his campaign is getting more attention than anyone else.

Here's a recent declaration that continues to raise concern amongst Republicans attempting to drum up interest in their own batch of suits . . .

Greitens argued on Thursday, "We support a strong border. We support election integrity. One of the other reasons why we’re winning is as the only real America First candidate in this race."

And highlighting his pledge not to support longtime GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell, a top intra-party Trump rival, the former governor emphasized, "I’ve also been very clear that when I’m in the Senate, I’m going to vote for new America First leadership."

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Missouri GOP Senate showdown: Greitens says he's the 'only real' Trump candidate in race

ORLANDO, Florida - In a race where the top Republican candidates are showcasing their support for former President Donald Trump in hopes of winning the former president's endorsement, former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens touts that "the reason why we're winning is because we support President Trump."