Developers Demand Density: Kansas City Rampant 'Non-Conforming Lot' Crisis Cont'd!!!

This cowtown could become a lot more crowded very soon. 

We've talked about this story before but a recent note offers an update of a hotly contested neighborhood issue and developers hoping to cram this town all manner of monstrosities. 

In the beautiful, beautiful suburbs . . . Planners have better rules about this type of construction and politicos who aren't inherently corrupt.

Meanwhile, in the name of "affordable housing" the current administration is betraying a great many promises and council is mostly powerless to help protect neighborhoods. 

Here's the sitch . . .

Kansas City has more than 22,000 non-conforming lots . . . Most are vacant or serving as side yards, and most are situated between the Missouri River and 85th Street. Many could be the site of new homes if the City Council changes the zoning code.

“We actually have so many of these lots, we don’t know the number,” said Joe Rexwinkle, a division manager at the KCMO Planning Department. The city wants to stimulate investment by allowing houses to be built on these non-conforming lots if they’re compatible with nearby existing homes, he said. Compatibility would be based on average height, size and setbacks.

The proposed changes (to the KC Code of Ordinances, Chapter 88) are scheduled to be heard by the City Plan Commission on March 1, but is expected to be postponed once again . . .

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Proposed zoning code could allow more houses on small lots

Westside resident Lauren Thompson became alarmed several years ago when a builder asked to see her basement, explaining he needed to find out if damage might be caused by constructing a wall only three or four feet away.