COVID Hotness: Missouri Hates Public Health Officials?!?

The healthcare industry fears protesters and grassroots political organizing which targets their power.

Here's a tacit admission that a great deal of the push back is working . . .

"The heartland state’s kerfuffle is one more example of political pushback to public health leadership. A KHN and Associated Press investigation last year found that at least 1 in 5 Americans lived in places that had lost their top local public health official amid a wave of threats to the profession and chronic stress that led to firings, resignations, and retirements since the pandemic began. Such blows endanger the public health system’s ability to respond to other issues in the future, public health officials said."

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Missouri's War on Public Health Shows Extent of National Rift

A public health official who said he was anti-abortion and anti-mandate for masks and covid vaccines did not pass the purity test of a Missouri senator who opposes covid public health restrictions. The senator killed the official's nomination to be state health director, highlighting how hands may be tied in the nationwide fight against infectious diseases.